Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marcasel House is Going, Going.....

This is the house on Marcasel that my husband came home to when he was born, and then raised in. And have lived in on and off in his life. It was very sad to see it coming down but nothing like when its gone. I have pics on other camara trying to get them on bear with me.

Alot of living went on in that house and to have it bulldozed to the ground is heart wrenching. I asked Glen how he felt and he said "Well if I can't live in it I am kinda of glad no one else (strangers) will be able to either." Typical male what can I say.

New Things happening with the Costellos

Well June, July, and August has brought alot of new things for the Costello Family.

New house to live in (as we had to move from the Marcasel House), a new/used car for the Costellos, and well a new haircut for Cheryl

If you want our new address just leave a comment . We have moved in with 2 elderly ladies, whom need 24/7 care. Its a lot of work, but the rewards are many.

We needed a new car as ours was beginning to break down every other month or so. Windows won't roll down, Skip fixed that for us thank heavens . The air conditioner gone. The top covering in the interior is falling. and so on and so forth. That will become the boys learning how to drive car. We bought a 2006 Ford Freestyle. Its a 6 passenger car as we still need that much room for the boys and there friends. Teenagers are not small. It has very low mileage and it had been a rental from enterprise. We love it (its not a new mustang) but we are very happy. And last but not least Nikki and family came down and she did my hair the coloring is great, I love it. But I told her 3 inches it was more like 6 at the least. But it is much lighter weight on my head and I have gotten several compliments on it. It is much easier to take care of. So my darling Nikki you will live to see another day LOL

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Here are Seans senior photos. We have our favorites and want to know what your favorites are. So please leave comments and put the numbers of your favorites. The yearbook pose is for the yearbook. The others are to buy which we plan to do. Glen likes yearbook pose s005 I like s007
We also like s013,s022, s025

A Crazy Moment with Cheryl

I woke up this morning late (usually up at 6am) 8am. I woke Glen up and said its 8 o clock he said so? I said we need to get up for Church , he's half asleep he says that gives us 45 mins. A few moments later he goes " Cheryl , Today is Saturday! Well what can I say, It was a CRAZY MOMENT ! I seem to have alot of those lately.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quote of the day

by Cheryl. "I am so agitated that I can't even stand myself" I was quite serious when I said that remark to my husband Glen. I had been snapping at people and such. So I was alittle taken aback when he started to laugh and said "That is the best quote I have ever heard you say. Well then I started laughing too. Glen can always get me laughing but I don't often get him to laugh, so that was good.

Ryan's FIRST Tennis Tournament

His Serve

Ryan entered his first tennis tournament in June. It was at the Home Depot Center. It was for Freshmen, Sophmores, and JRs. He had his first round and I (his mom) was a nervous wreck!! Everytime he made his serve or hit the ball over the net it was a sigh of relief, and everytime he didn't make his serve of hit it over the net it was cringing and nervousness. Now I have a little idea of what my parents went though especially my mom when I was in baton contest and parades. We were very proud, and we received so many complainments about how he played, one coach said it takes years to teach someone how to do a top spin like Ryan does. And when he sees someone who can do it he puts him on his team immediatly (this came from the coach of the boy he was playing againest). The other coach said Ryan has great potiental. It was a nail biting game (and I don't usually ever bite my nails) They went into overtime. They had to win by 2 points. So the score was 9-11 with Ryan winning. He lost his second round that was okay because I wasn't there to have to see him lose. I was glad he at least one his first round.

Ryan's FIRST Tennis Lesson

waiting for the coach to send ball over
His coach teaching him how to hit close to the net.

Ryan with his tennis coach, teaching him how to step into his swing.

Ryan's first tennis lesson taught him many things, one was to let go of the way he did things, and learn to listen to his coach. He has come a long way since this first lesson